The world's best door stop

Stop or Prop is a unique door stop and a door prop all in one. It solves the problems of protecting the wall and stops shutting or slamming doors. 

The last doorstop you'll ever need.

Stops and props without drilling into your door or floor! Works on interior 1-3/8”  and exterior 1-3/4” doors.

Door stop or prop


Prop door stop


Stop or prop door release.


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Stop or Prop is now available to buy directly on our site, and from many retailers around the country.

Designed for function

Made from a high-tech, durable formula,  the smooth finish makes Stop or Prop scratch resistant to the door. The special design creates a spring-like effect as the door contacts the stop absorbing the shock.

2 in 1 door stop

Easy adjustable attachment slot for simple installation. Adjust the door to “prop mode” automatically or use just as normal door stop.

Built to last

Angled and soft rounded edges allow smooth operation and easy engagement of the door with the stop. Designed to last without damaging your door.

A better doorstop

It works just like any wall mounted door stop that has a wall perpendicular to the door. So it's really easy to install.

Easy to use

It easily releases without bending over. Just use your toe to slightly flex Stop or Prop and set the door free.

One item, multiple uses

Stop or Prop doubles as a door prop - but without having to drill any holes in your door or floor.

Protects your wall and door

Functional as a door stop when you need it to protect damage to the wall, and a prop when you want to hold the door open.

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