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How to use a doorstop

OK, we know you don’t sit around thinking about your door stop, but that’s the point. You shouldn’t need to think of the functionality – or lack of functionality of it. With Stop or PropTM you not only protect the wall from damage, you also get a method to easily hold your door open when you need to stop it from closing.

For far less cost than a door wedge, magnetic catch or flip down stopper and without drilling or damaging your door or floor. Stop or Prop is two products in one!

How to Install Stop or Prop


Open the door and place the doorstop on the wall. Making sure the stop is fitting flat to the wall, align the door’s edge close to the center of the front stop post.

Stop or Prop instruction 1
Mark a center line, in the middle of the adjustment slot.
  • We recommend pre-drilling the baseboard with a 3/32” or smaller bit to avoid splitting.
Stop or Prop instructions 2

Using a hand screwdriver, screw the stop to the wall. Check alignment of the door is in the desired position. Adjust as needed by loosening the screw, move the stop left or right for correction. Be sure to keep Stop or Prop vertical and square with the door. Re-tighten the screw.

Stop or Prop instructions 3

For auto-prop, adjust the doors edge to contact the stop post on the angled portion. This will allow the door to be pressed against the doorstop causing it to flex. The door will then enter the retainment zone automatically once the door passes the front stop post.

This option works great on door you want to keep propped open often. 

Stop or Prop - Auto prop


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

If you have a regular wall mounted door stop now, and your door is 14 inches or less away from the adjacent wall, it will work.

Absolutely, the prop function is optional and there when you need it!

Stop or Prop engages the door where it is the strongest, at the outer edge. This is where door manufactures add the strongest-solid wood and it is what holds the door together. Often times a slammed open door with a regular solid doorstop and no “give” will actually put a hole in a hollow core door.

Our list of retailers will be updated soon!

Silver, Bronze/Brown, Black

We do recommend pre-drilling the baseboard to be safe and avoiding splitting the wood. Then you can easily use a hand screw-driver to install and adjust Stop or Prop the way you want it to function. Watch an installation clip of Stop or Prop.

You sure can! Stop or Prop will accept 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick doors.

You can mount Stop or Prop at any height off the floor. Just be sure you have a solid surface, such as a wall stud to mount the stop to.

You can mount Stop or Prop at any height off the floor. Just be sure you have a solid surface, such as the baseboard or wall stud to mount the stop to.

Auto-prop is when doorstop’s angled portion is set even with the edge of the door. This allows the door to be pushed into the prop mode without flexing the doorstop.